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International Journal Of Language, Literature And Culture(IJLLC)

Coinage of Bundi Skewer “Katarshahi’’

Neha Pradhan

International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture (IJLLC), Vol-2,Issue-1, January - February 2022, Pages 24-28, 10.22161/ijllc.2.1.7

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Article Info: Received: 19 Dec 2021, Received in revised form: 04 Feb 2022, Accepted: 12 Feb 2022, Available online: 18 Feb 2022


The study of the state currency of Bundi has been presented in this paper. As mentioned above, Bundi state was formerly a part of Malav Janpad. Later, the Hada Rajputs settled their settlement here and established Bundi in the valley of Bunda. In the past, evidence of currency in Bundi is known from Malav Janpad. The Mughal era is visible on the Bundi currency ever since the Bundi state joined the Mughal service. Coins in different names and periods were prevalent in Bundi, the main ones being Ramshahi, Katarshari and Chehreshahi. The Ramshahi coin was in circulation between 1859 to 1886

Skewers, Dagger, Mint.

It is based on the study of the Numesmatic of the area. It is evident by the coinage of area, which is found in the accessed area and preserved at the Museum and local peoples.