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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

To maintain Originality, plagiarism free and Confidentiality of research paper as well as author and reviewers , all parties either the author, the editor or the reviewer to follow the below standard.

Responsibility of Editor

  • The Editor is permitted to choosing and publishing of the article. He has right to simply accept or reject the paper or also can request for modification. The manuscript is evaluated by them bereft of the name, gender, religious belief or philosophy. And therefore the accepted manuscript is reviewed by one or 2 reviewers. The editor is to blame for something that's printed within the journal. The editor will take facilitate within the call with alternative editors. They are guided by the journal editor board policies. The acceptance call is solely supported originality, clarity, importance or its connexion. And if found plagiarism or copyright material it ought to be in rejection part. Editor has to guide reviewers what points ought to follow to submit the paper and this guidance is often updated.
  • An editor can judge the manuscript for his or her tutorial content while not regard to gender, belief, citizenship, philosophy of authors.
  • The Editor-in-Chief is accountable for judgment supported reviewers. For modification or error or the other correction, a note will be published for the author.
  • Without any agreement of the author, their unpublished material that is disclosed in manuscript couldn't be utilized by editors for his or her own analysis material.
  • No one has right to disclose the data of manuscript that's submitted to the journal for review. The editor will solely share that details with the reviewers, the publisher however not with alternative editor or author. the data of submitted paper will be confidential.

Responsibility of Reviewer

  • This step of peer reviewing is important, wherever editors are answerable for taking a call and to present comment authors to form needed modification on their submitted manuscript.
  • The editor must make sure that the fabric submitted is confidential throughout review session by reviewers. The document or different info mustn't be disclosed to someone. Solely the main points will be shared with the approved persons.
  • Reviews ought to outline objectively. No personal criticism is allowed. Comment to the author ought to be clearly outlined in order that they will modify their paper consequently.
  • Reviewers hand-picked by Editor-in-Chief to review the submitted paper within the journal found themselves unqualified for that specific purpose inform promptly to the editor and decline the invite.
  • Information within the manuscript that's not printed by the author couldn't be used by the reviewers for his or her own analysis work. Reviewers who have a conflict of interest are approved to reveal the knowledge to different editors or reviewers. Information gathered through critique is unbroken secret and not used for private edges.
  • Reviewers are answerable for notifying the editor if any similarity or overlap is found between 2 manuscripts. Reviewers establish the connected published material that's not quoted by the associate author.

Responsibility of Author

  • Data of quantitative statement ought to be drawn exactly within the paper. That paper includes the correct details, objective and significance or references to permit others to envision the data and if any dishonest or inappropriate standards are found that will not acceptable.
  • Authorship of paper ought to be restricted to those have submitted constant manuscript in additional than one journal. The corresponding authors make sure that all co-authors have approved the ultimate part of paper and that they agree for submission.
  • The author ought to make sure that the work they need submitted finally is original and haven't any duplicity. Plagiarism includes the content or words derived from reference paper and if found similarity in 2 papers, your paper isn't accepted by the publisher.
  • Submitting constant analysis paper in multiple journals might represent the unethical publication or is unacceptable. Beneath review, the manuscript is additionally not approved to feed back.
  • During the review, method authors may be asked to submit the data of their connected analysis and create it in public available. When publication authors ought to confirm the accessibility of paper for different professionals is a minimum of for 10 years.
  • Authors ought to include the statement in their manuscript that familiar assent was obtained for participants experiment method. Info collected through voice communication or corresponding supply should not be used with none written permission.
  • For the project, the funding sources should be disclosed. At the initial stage, they'll disclose the conflicts of interests that interpret their results.
  • When authors return to understand concerning their error in their own printed analysis, it's their answerableness to tell prompt to the publisher or request them to correct the quality or retract the paper. And if editor or reviewer comment on your submitted work for correction, it's your obligation to change it shortly.