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International Journal Of Horticulture, Agriculture And Food Science(IJHAF)

Assessment on Prevalence, Incidence and Severity Wheat Rust diseases in Silte, Gurage and Hadiya Zones, Southern Ethiopia

Muluken Getahun , Bilal Temam , Mitiku Kebede

International Journal of Horticulture, Agriculture and Food science(IJHAF), Vol-2,Issue-4, July - August 2018, Pages 151-154, 10.22161/ijhaf.2.4.6

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Assessment was conducted to describe the geographic distribution, incidence, severity and to know the shift in disease resistance of varieties under cultivation in the region .The survey was conducted in 2017 in September following the main roads and accessible routes in each survey district, and stops were made at every 5 km intervals based on vehicles odometers as per wheat fields available. Yellow, Stem and leaf rust prevalence reached up to 61%, 9.5% and 65% in surveyed areas respectively and overall mean incidence 12.8%,1.16% and 16% were recorded whereas severity value 5.3%, 0.81% and 6.15% in the same order . Septoria leaf blotch was the least prevalent disease with 0-67%. Among wheat verities, Picaflor is the most popular one followed by Danda’a. Yellow rust severity up to 20Mr and 20MrmS were recorded on variety Huluka and Alidoro, respectively. Less yellow rust severity was recorded on the Varity Simba and Kingbird.

Yellow rust , Stem rust , leaf rust , Puccinia graminis f. sp. Tritici; Sr genes.

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