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International Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Computers(IJEEC)

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition using MATLAB

Vivek Singh , Yogesh Verma , Tejas Bhavsar , Sandeep Saini , Garvit Gupta

International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computers (IJECC), Vol-6,Issue-3, May - June 2021, Pages 24-26, 10.22161/eec.63.3

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Article Info: Received: 20 Apr 2021; Accepted: 18 May 2021; Date of Publication: 24 May 2021


The VPR (Vehicle Number plate Recognition) system is based on image processing technology. It is one of the necessary systems designed to detect the vehicle number plate. In today’s world with the increasing number of vehicle day by day it’s not possible to manually keep a record of the entire vehicle. With the development of this system it becomes easy to keep a record and use it whenever required. The main objective here is to design an efficient automatic vehicle identification system by using vehicle number plate. The system first would capture the vehicles image as soon as the vehicle reaches the security checking area. The captured images are then extracted by using the segmentation process. Optical character recognition is used to identify the characters. The obtained data is then compared with the data stored in their database. The system is implemented and simulated on MATLAB and performance is tested on real images. This type of system is widely used in Traffic control areas, tolling, parking area .etc. This system is mainly designed for the purpose of security system. Basically video surveillance system is used for security purpose as well as monitoring systems. But Detection of moving object is a challenging part of video surveillance. Video surveillance system is used for Home security, Military applications, Banking /ATM security, Traffic monitoring etc. Now a day’s due to decreasing costs of high quality video surveillance systems, human activity detection and tracking has become increasingly in practical. Accordingly, automated systems have been designed for numerous detection tasks, but the task of detecting illegally parked vehicles has been left largely to the human operators of surveillance systems. The detection of Indian vehicles by their number plates is the most interesting and challenging research topic from past few years.

Optical character Recognition, Image processing, Segmentation, VPN, Digital Proccessing.

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