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International Journal Of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM)

Legal Factors affecting Business Law in Kurdistan

Dara Majeed Karim

International Journal of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM), Vol-3,Issue-1, January - February 2019, Pages 4-12 , 10.22161/ijebm.3.1.2

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The main purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between legal factors and business law in Kurdistan. The Business's involvement in financing legitimate change, however still constrained, has just yielded some valuable exercises. The researcher employed quantitative technique to analyze the association between factors affecting business law in Kurdistan. For this reason, the researcher used four different legal factors such us (company law, contract law, employment law and competition law) as independent factors to measure the dependent factor which is business law. I distributed 115 questionnaires, but only 102 questionnaires. The results of multiple regression analysis, Company law, contract law, employment law, and competition law as a legal factors influence positively and significantly business law in Kurdistan.

legal factors, company law, contract law, employment law, competition, law business law.

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