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International Journal Of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM)

Exchange Rate of Fishermen Business Light Boat in Papusungan Subdistrict Lembeh Selatankota Bitung North Sulawesi Province

Victoria E. N. Manoppo , Natalie D. C. Rumampuk , Engel Victor Pandey

International Journal of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM), Vol-5,Issue-5, September - October 2021, Pages 48-55 , 10.22161/ijebm.5.5.8

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Article Info: Received: 21 Sep 2021; Received in revised form: 11 Oct 2021; Accepted: 20 Oct 2021; Available online: 31 Oct 2021


Lembeh Island is included in the administrative area of Bitung City, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Lembeh Island is administratively divided into two sub-districts namely North Lembeh and South Lembeh. The island is famous for being a dive site for foreign and local tourists in North Sulawesi in addition to Bunaken. The number of residents in Papusungan Subdistrict Lembeh Selatan Bitung City in July 2019 recorded 3,129 people and who worked as fishermen recorded as many as 388 fishermen consisting of fishing rods 140 people, fishermen trawler ring 120 people, sea transportation 110 people and boat business lights 10 people.Fishermen light boats with the smallest number but still exist and never disappear from activity in the coast regionofLembeh island. The purpose of research, to know and analyze how the business profile of the light boat and to know, analyze and explain the financial state of the business of the light boat.The analysis used in this study is the analysis of Fishermen's Exchange Rate (FER) which is further described and explained through quantitative descriptive analysis and descriptive qualitative.FER result calculation for the business of fishermen's light boats on total revenue of 211.83. FER value is greater than 100, which indicates that income only from the business of light boats can cover the needs of subsistence (basic needs) of the family of fishermen light boats in Papusungan village, South Lembeh subdistrict.FER for fishing boat business lights on revenue. boat lights of 228.16. The value of FER is greater than 100, which indicates that the revenue from the business of fishermen can cover the costs incurred from the business of fishermen's light boats in Papusungan village, South Lembeh subdistrict.

Fishermen Exchange Rate, Lamp Boat Business, Papusungan Village.

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