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International Journal Of Chemistry, Mathematics And Physics(IJCMP)

The Estimation of Enhanced Outcoupling for OLEDs with Isotropically Scattering Materials

Guy Francis Mongelli

International Journal of Chemistry, Mathematics And Physics(IJCMP), Vol-3,Issue-1, January - February 2019, Pages 9-11 , 10.22161/ijcmp.3.1.3

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This manuscript uses classical geometrical optics and the convergence of an infinite Fourier series to derive a mathematical equation for the out-coupling efficiency of classical scattering-enhanced OLEDs. Several simple assumptions are made regarding how light interacts with scattering media. It describes the extent of efficiency improvement in terms of nanoparticle properties and the revised out-coupling efficiency limitation. The albedo is the ratio of scattering to extinction cross-sections, where extinction is scattering plus absorption. Albedo indicates how much of the light that interacts with a particle is re-emitted or retained to move around the OLED device further. An estimation of the out-coupling efficiency observed when nanoparticles of various albedo values are incorporated into the simplified OLED structure is performed.

organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), outcoupling efficiency, plasmonics, scattering.

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