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International Journal Of Chemistry, Mathematics And Physics(IJCMP)

An exact solution to Maxwell’s equation for a Sphere applied to Silver Nanoparticles

Guy Francis Mongelli

International Journal of Chemistry, Mathematics And Physics(IJCMP), Vol-3,Issue-1, January - February 2019, Pages 12-14 , 10.22161/ijcmp.3.1.4

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With in this work the exact solution to Maxwell’s equation for a sphere, sometimes called Mie theory, is applied to silver nanoparticles embedded in various constant index materials. The albedo, or fraction of the incident light which is scattered away from the particle is calculated and plotted as a function of the size of the particles relative to the incident wavelength.

Maxwell’s equations, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), scattering, silver nanoparticles.

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