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International Journal Of Rural Development, Environment And Health Research(IJREH)

The Modern-Day Heroes of the Tri- Bureaus of the Province of Ilocos Norte in the Covid19 Health Pandmic: A Phenomenological Study

Jonah B. Badua

International Journal of Rural Development, Environment and Health Research(IJREH), Vol-6,Issue-1, January - February 2022, Pages 13-19, 10.22161/ijreh.6.1.3

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Article Info: Received: 11 Dec 2021; Received in revised form: 09 Feb 2022; Accepted: 15 Feb 2022; Available online: 21 Feb 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the life of the law enforcement sector. This study explored the experiences of modern-day heroes from the Tri-Bureaus of Ilocos Norte during the health pandemic. It involved 19 participants composed of police officers, jail officers and fire officers who rendered duty during the total lockdown, Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine and General Community Quarantine. Qualitative-phenomenology, five major themes are identified as the feeling of distress, struggles amidst the challenges of the pandemic, motivational drives, life realizations and wellness as a priority. This study implies a need to revisit organizational policies to ensure the health and safety of personnel in the Tri-Bureaus.

experiences, modern-day heroes, pandemic, tri-bureaus, Ilocos Norte

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