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International Journal Of Rural Development, Environment And Health Research(IJREH)

Multichannel Aerosol Spectrometer for Environmental Monitoring

Ruben Asatryan , Hamlet Karayan , Norayr Khachatryan

International Journal of Rural Development, Environment and Health Research(IJREH), Vol-1,Issue-3, September - October 2017, Pages 13-16,

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The description of the developed by us automatic Multichannel Aerosol Spectrometer “Masnik-A” are presented. “Masnik-A” system represents the optical/electronic automatic device for measuring of the concentrations and distributions of the sizes of liquid and solid aerosol particles of natural and artificial origin in laboratory and field conditions. Aerosol Spectrometer “Masnik-A” provides a range of measurement of the sizes of aerosol particles from 0.5 up to 40 μm (on a radius). It has 18 channels of the analyzer (graduations by the sizes) with a memory on the channel no less than 9x105 particles. The limiting value of measuring concentrations (containing in 1 cm3 of the aerosol environment) makes no less 2x104 particles. The instrument has possibility of obtaining the command of handle from external personal computer (PC), and also input of the results of measurements for further automatic processing by a specially developed program.

Liquid and solid aerosol particles; distant monitoring; aerosol formations of natural and artificial origin; aerosol sizes; capacity of memory.

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