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International Journal Of Rural Development, Environment And Health Research(IJREH)

Ecological Risk Zone Mapping for Flood and Oil Spill in Delta State, Nigeria

Ojiako J.C , Igbokwe E.C

International Journal of Rural Development, Environment and Health Research(IJREH), Vol-1,Issue-3, September - October 2017, Pages 116-119, 10.22161/ijreh.1.3.12

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The development of risk assessments inherently requires a significant amount of spatial data concerning the status, extent, and distribution of natural and manmade features. GIS systems provide the tools for storage, retrieval, and analysis of geographic information, and are uniquely suited to integrate multiple layers of information in the complex process of ecological risk assessment. This research paper attempted to map and characterizes the ecological risk zones for flood and oil spill in Delta State Nigeria, using Landsat 8 OLI and Shuttle radar topographic mission. Results show that the flood risk zones in the study area had 30.42% high risk area, 44.79% moderate risk area and 24.78% low risk area with 528,299, 777,793 and 430,164 hectares in area respectively. Also the results show about 68 settlements at risk of oil spill in Delta State Nigeria. It was recommended that contingency plans be developed to mitigate damages caused by ecological events to the environment.

Flooding, Geographic Information System, Risk Mapping, Remote Sensing, Oil Spill.

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