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International Journal Of Rural Development, Environment And Health Research(IJREH)

Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE) of Bivalves in Northwestern Bohol, Philippines

Margie P. Vito , Anthony S. Ilano

International Journal of Rural Development, Environment and Health Research(IJREH), Vol-3,Issue-3, May - June 2019, Pages 110-112, 10.22161/ijreh.3.3.5

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Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE) is a measure of status of marine resource in a given area. In this study, bivalve fishery information was gathered using the self-structured questionnaire. There were 61 respondents who were the registered fishermen of Calape, Tubigon and Clarin. Among the three towns it was Clarin where highest mean CPUE was observed with 1.2kg/hr/man. This was followed by Calape with 0.8kg/hr/man and lowest mean CPUE was recorded in Tubigon with 0.6kg/hr/man. High CPUE value means that there are still enough bivalve resources in the area and lowest CPUE means that these resources are endangered. Considering that, the result of this study showed that there is a need to regulate the collection of bivalves with lower wild stocks to avoid loss of these natural resources.

Collection, Gleaning Mangroves, Seagrass and Wild stocks.