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International Journal Of Medical, Pharmacy And Drug Research(IJMPD)

Study of Sensory Nerve Conduction Abnormalities in Hypothyroid Patients

Dr. Garima Bafna , Sarita Sharma , Gayatri Darger

International Journal of Medical, Pharmacy and Drug Research(IJMPD), Vol-4,Issue-1, January - February 2020, Pages 4-8 , 10.22161/ijmpd.4.1.2

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Introduction -Thyroid hormones have effects virtually on every organ system in the body including central and peripheral nervous system. Hypothyroidism is a condition associated with low levels of thyroid hormones with raised TSH. Peripheral neuropathy is one of the manifestations of the hypothyroidism. Aims and objectives-The present study aimed to evaluate sensory nerve conduction defects in hypothyroid patients compared to non-hypothyroid controls. Methods-The study was conducted on 100 subjects, 50 hypothyroid patients and 50 normal Subjects between the age group of 18- 60 years, coming to JLN Hospital OPD in Neurophysiology Lab using EMG NCV EP machine by Recorders and Medicare Systems, model RMS SALUS 4C. The parameters (latency, and nerve conduction velocity) of sensory component of nerves (Median, Ulnar and Sural) compared between cases (Hypothyroidism) and controls (non hypothyroid). The patient was made to lie down on the couch and surface electrodes were fixed over the skin which was on the nerve and supplying muscle. By the stimulating electrodes, the nerve was stimulated at the distal end. Results-56 % of median nerve was affected in hypothyroidism. 34 % of sural nerve was affected in hypothyroidism. Conclusion- The median nerve is the most common affected sensory nerve .Estimation of the nerves conduction values can be considered as a useful parameter in the diagnosis and evaluation of the neuropathy in hypothyroid patients.

Hypothyroidism, Nerve conduction study, Peripheral neuropathy.

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