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International Journal Of Medical, Pharmacy And Drug Research(IJMPD)

Nanoparticles and their Potential affect as Antimicrobials in dentistry

Ishil Shukur

International Journal of Medical, Pharmacy and Drug Research(IJMPD), Vol-5,issue-3, May - June 2021, Pages 37-46 ,

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Article Info: Silver nanoparticles, Orthodontic brackets, White spot lesion, Dentistry


The aim of the current article is to evaluate the antiadherent and antibacterial properties of surfacemodified different orthodontic brackets with silver nanoparticles against Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus, using radiomarker. To measure the current study, a quantitative method was applied to the adherence of Streptococci to orthodontic brackets, 70 samples of orthodontic brackets were selected and classified in to 10 groups as follow: GVn (Radiance plus-Roth), GVI (InVu-Roth), GVII (SystemAlexanderLTS), GVIII (Gemini-Roth), GIX (NuEdge-Roth), GIIIn (Gemini-Roth), GIVn (NuEdge-Roth), GX (Radiance plus-Roth), GIn (InVu-Roth), and GIIn (SystemAlexanderLTS). The study focused on patients’ gender while considering sample for the present article. To codify and measure the bacterium, a radioactive marker (3 H) was applied. The brackets were then immersed in a radiolabeled solution, and the radiation was measured. The ANOVA test (Sheffè post hoc) was used to calculate the statistical analysis. The findings revealed that there were substantial disparities between the groups. GIIIn was the lowest score for both bacteria, whereas GIX and GVI were the highest for Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus, respectively. In conclusion, the surface of orthodontic brackets can be modified with silver nanoparticles to reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and the development of dental caries during orthodontic treatment.

Silver nanoparticles, Orthodontic brackets, White spot lesion, Dentistry

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