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International Journal Of Medical, Pharmacy And Drug Research(IJMPD)

Lasers in Periodontics

Akshatha Shetty , Rahul Bhandary , Biju Thomas , Amitha Ramesh

International Journal of Medical, Pharmacy and Drug Research(IJMPD), Vol-1,Issue-2, July - August 2017, Pages 1-4 ,

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Aim: This review aims at opening the clinical professionals eyes to various possibilities for the usage of laser that is innovative skill in the field of periodontics. Background: There is no doubt regarding clinical application of laser, but for best management and for effective clinical protocols literature should be supported by basic and clinical research and evidence. Review Results: In this review there is a collection of data from scientific papers clinically relevant to the periodontitis providing description of parameters of lasers, its effect on soft tissue, history of use laser in periodontics in particular as well as various use of laser in the field of periodontics .Conclusion: Laser is a promising auxillary tool in periodontics but further evidence is required to have effective clinical effect. Clinical Significance: Less of thermal damage, less bleeding and uneventful healing is the clinical significance of laser when used on soft tissues.

Laser, Periodontics, Soft tissue.

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