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International Journal Of Language, Literature And Culture(IJLLC)

Phan Boi Chau' thought about Saving the Country, Saving the People – Meaning and History Lesson

Pham Ngoc Tram

International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture (IJLLC), Vol-1,Issue-1, July - August 2021, Pages 23-27, 10.22161/ijllc.1.1.5

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The thought of saving the country and the people is one of the core issues, reflecting the thoughts, the people and career of Phan Boi Chau. It is a synthesis of the following contents: viewpoints that uphold the role of the people ; that is the love of compatriots, and Fatherland. All of them stem from the principle that are national spirit and patriotism, with close unity between culture and politics, between nation and humanity; contribute to enriching and deepening the traditional humanistic spirit of the Vietnamese nation, affirming the strength of the Vietnamese people and nation, awakening the people's patriotic spirit, cheering, encouraging and rallying the masses to fight to regain the national independence, freedom for the country and happiness for the Vietnamese people.

Phan Boi Chau, humanistic thought, history, meaning, Vietnamese thought.

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