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International Journal Of Language, Literature And Culture(IJLLC)

Inter-cultural Translatability Issues with Special Reference to Ancient Bhartiya Texts

Prerna Malhotra

International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture (IJLLC), Vol-3,Issue-3, May - June 2023, Pages 17-22, 10.22161/ijllc.3.3.3

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Article Info: Received: 08 May 2023, Received in revised form: 10 Jun 2023, Accepted: 18 Jun 2023, Available online: 25 Jun 2023


In contemporary times, we are part of a multi-nationalistic and multi-culturalist society and citizens of a globalised world. Translation helps in being better connected and mediated with others. Translation has acquired greater significance in today’s times by providing linguistic accessibility to the market forces though much of it had been in vogue for centuries and played a creative role in the dissemination of international cultures and eventually acculturation. Translation as an old practice holds immense significance in our increasingly globalised world. It is the art of conveying meaning and messages from one language to another, allowing individuals of diverse backgrounds to connect and understand each other. Translation serves as a vital bridge between cultures, facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Its importance lies in enabling effective communication and fostering mutual respect and appreciation for the richness and diversity of human languages and cultures. However, interculturality in translation may pose multiple issues. The terminology of one culture may not have exact equivalence in the target language. There could be more issues related to the intentions of the translator/s, their competence to deal with nuances of language, and the consequence of such fallacies caused by multiple factors. The biggest problem is that they cause a long-lasting impact on the understanding of texts, and thus, the cultural and historical facts.

Translation, translation studies, translatability, equivalence, source language, target language, interculturality, adaptation

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