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International Journal Of Language, Literature And Culture(IJLLC)

Analysis of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health in School Students

Prem Lata , Dr. Treta Devi

International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture (IJLLC), Vol-3,Issue-3, May - June 2023, Pages 23-28, 10.22161/ijllc.3.3.4

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Article Info: Received: 11 May 2023, Received in revised form: 14 Jun 2023, Accepted: 22 Jun 2023, Available online: 30 Jun 2023


Nature's most intelligent and spiritually advanced creature is the human person. Everyone has the capacity to think and act spatially. The main aim of the study is Analysis of the relationship between emotional intelligence and mental health in school students. The study design and approach are referred to as the methodology. It is often referred to as the methodology of the research. Researchers looked at the mental health and emotional intelligence of students from rural areas, urban areas, both rural and urban areas, and discovered a significant and positive association between the two factors.

Mental, Health, Spiritually, Emotional, Intelligence, Human

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