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International Journal Of Horticulture, Agriculture And Food Science(IJHAF)

Parental Neglect and Child Abuse on Child Development in Port Harcourt Metropolis of Rivers State

Elenwa C.O.A. , Harry S. M.

International Journal of Horticulture, Agriculture and Food science(IJHAF), Vol-2,Issue-3, May - June 2018, Pages 77-87, 10.22161/ijhaf.2.3.7

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The study assessed parental neglect and child abuse in child development in Port Harcourt metropolis, Rivers State. Specifically the study was designed to examine parental responsibility towards their child, examine areas of child neglect and abuse, identify factors associated with parental neglect and child abuse and suggest social work intervention techniques in ameliorating parental neglect and child abuse in the study area. Purposive sampling technique was used to get information from 50 respondents. Collected data were analysed using percentage, mean score and regression analysis. Findings showed that the areas of parental responsibilities were: provision of food, clothing, healthcare and shelter, counseling in sex, career and friends, training to instill moral values. Areas of child neglects and abuse are street hawking, maltreatment, use of internet without guidance and lack of proper supervision. Factors associated with parental neglect and abuse are polygamy and joblessness on the part of parents. Social work intervention techniques are provision of rehabilitation centres for neglected and abused children. The study recommends that the media should promote programmes that deal on childcare and the dangers of child neglect.

Parental Neglect, Child Abuse, Port Harcourt Metropolis.

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