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International Journal Of Horticulture, Agriculture And Food Science(IJHAF)

Gross Margin Analysis of COCOA Bread Production

Shittu T. R , Yahaya A. T , Ogunjobi M.A.K

International Journal of Horticulture, Agriculture and Food science(IJHAF), Vol-1,Issue-2, July - August 2017, Pages 18-21,

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Gross margin analysis of cocoa bread production in CRIN with a view to establishing its profitability was examined. A well-structured questionnaire was administered on 100 randomly selected respondents. Three investment parameters, Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Net Present Value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) were also used. Distribution of the respondents according to age revealed that people within the age bracket of 31 – 40 years and 41 – 50 years represents the larger percentage of Cocoa Bread consumer in the study area. Results also indicate Gross Return on CRIN Bread production for the period of study was found to be N2, 889,880 and the total variable cost was N1, 855,400. A positive NPV value, a BCR of 1.142 and an IRR of 38.82% indicate that Cocoa Bread production is worthwhile.

Cocoa bread, Gross margin, variable cost, questionnaires.

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