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International Journal Of Horticulture, Agriculture And Food Science(IJHAF)

Evaluation of Three Hybrids Pepper for Adaptation and Yield Attributes in Western Urban Sierra Leone

Patrick M. Ngegba , Salia M. Kanneh , Dan D. Quee , Peter D. Musa

International Journal of Horticulture, Agriculture and Food science(IJHAF), Vol-3,Issue-2, March - April 2019, Pages 41-45, 10.22161/ijhaf.3.2.2

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A randomized complete block design (RCBD) experiment with three replications was conducted at the Kabala Horticultural Crops Research Centre (KHCRC) cropping site, Ogoo Farm of the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI), Freetown, Sierra Leone. The research was carried out from April to July, 2016 using a plot size of 6m x 1m (6m2) with a 1m furrow between beds and 1.5m between replications. Three hybrids pepper (Chil-WASA-Chil-1, Chil-WASA-Chil-2 and Chil-WASA-Chil-3) designated as treatments (T1, T2 and T3) were evaluated. T3 (27.45 cm) and T2 (42.52; 60.10 cm) had the tallest PH at 4, 6 & 8WAT with T1 (20.34 & 34.23 cm) recording the shortest PH at 4 & 6WAT respectively. The largest SG was accounted for by T2 (6.86; 8.72; 9.47 cm) at 4, 6 & 8WAT while T1 & T3 had the same values (4.79 cm) at 4 WAT and T3 & T1 recorded the least at 6 &8 WAT. The widest CS at 4, 6 & 8WAT was observed in T1 (17.11, 32.60 & 56.47 cm2) and T3 had the least at 6 & 8WAT (25.63 & 35.76cm2) respectively. Similarly, T1 (54.00, 59.00 & 78.00) recorded the highest NB plant-1 at 4, 6 & 8WAT while T3 (40.00 & 64.00) had the lowest at 4 & 6WAT. For LA and LAI, T1 (9.49 &13.83) and T2 (8.83, 10.09 & 12.47) indicated highest values at 4 & 6WAT; 4, 6 and 8WAT. The lowest values for LA and LAI at 4, 6 & 8WAT were observed in T3 (6.36, 12.00, 13.55; 6.26, 7.06 & 8.98) respectively. For yield and yield components, T2 (66.00, 61.00, 63.87 cm & 51.00) recorded the highest values for NFS, NFH, FL and NMF plant-1 and the least were observed in T1 (53.00 & 49.00) and T3 (54.61cm) correspondingly. Generally, it could be concluded that all three exotic pepper are adaptable to the climatic conditions of Sierra Leone (Western area). Hence further evaluation required across vegetable growing zones.

adaptation, hybrids, attributes, evaluation, solanaceae.

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