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International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)

Survey of Existing Pests among Cashew Farmers’ Farms in Oyo and Osunstates, Nigeria

Uwagboe E. O. , Mokwunye I. U. , Oluyole K. A. , Orisajo S. B. , Yahaya A. T , Otuonye A. H. , Ndagi I , Aderolu I. A.

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Journal : International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)


Cashew is a versatile tree nut with high potential for foreign exchange in Nigeria but despite its huge economic value, its production is plagued by several factors such as insect pests and diseases. However, there is dearth of information on the dynamics of pest incidence on cashew farmers’ farms which is important for development of appropriate management measures. Consequently, a survey was conducted on farmers’ farms in order to determine the current pest status of new and existing pests of cashew and means of control. Structured questionnaire was used to obtain data on respondents’ personal characteristics, existing pest among cashew farmers and sources of information on pest control. Multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 63 respondents from four communities in Oyo and Osun States. Descriptive statistics was used for the analysis. Majority (46.03%) of the respondents were between the age range of 25 and 45 years, 93.65% were males, 55.56% had no formal education, 74.60% had between 1 and 20 years of farming experience and 87.30% had farm size less than 5 hectares. Respondents indicated cashew stem girdler 20.5%, grasshopper 15.4%, fruit borer 12.8%, while 28.2% indicated inflorescence and twig dieback disease as some of the pests attacking their crop. The respondents received information on pest from radio 22.22%, from CRIN and Newspaper 3.17% from bulletins 1.59% while 49.22% from other farmers. Most of the famers were males and small scale farmers. Existing insects and diseases attack their cashew farms and information access was mainly from other farmers.

Communities, diseases, cashew stem girdler, information, insects.

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