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International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)

Potential Availability Waste of Food Cropas Feed in Majene West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Najmah Ali , Suhartina Suhartina , Anis Muktiani , Eko Pangestu

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DOI: 10.22161/ijfaf.3.2.1

Journal : International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)


Animal husbandry development is an integral part of agricultural sector development. Paradigm farm livestock development is the realization of a healthy, productive and creative through a tough farm based on local resources. It is also included animal feed raw material resources. The source of agricultural-based local feed ingredients and agro-industries in Indonesia is very abundant as along as the vast agricultural land and high food crop production in Indonesia. This research was conducted in Majene, West Sulawesi. This study focused on several agricultural commodities, namely rice, corn, peanuts, green beans, cassava and sweet potatoes. This study aims were: 1). Calculate the food crop waste production; 2). Calculate the feed production concentration Index of food crop waste (FPCIFCW); 3) Calculate the carrying capacity (CCFCW) of food crop waste; 4) Calculate the feed carrying capacity index of food crop waste (FCCIFCW) in Majene. This research is a survey research. The research material was food crop waste. Determination of the study location of food crops (rice straw, corn straw, peanut straw, green bean straw, sweet potato straw and cassava leaves) was carried out in a purposive sampling. The selected districts were Ulumanda and Malunda. The result showed that the all districts were very potential in availability of food crop waste. Majene Regency has abundant production of agricultural waste. It was spread evenly, can meet livestock needs, and continuously. The production of food crops waste were159 383.6 tons dry matter, 89 313.7 tons crude protein and 53 859.9 tons total digestible nutrient.

Animal feed, Food crops waste, Majene, Potential availability.

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