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International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)

Effects of Cinnamon Powder on Egg Quality: A New Approach using Layer Birds

Usman Sulaiman , Odewamide Lateef Adedokun

Article Info: Received: 03 Oct 2020; Received in revised form: 03 Nov 2021; Accepted: 18 Nov 2021; Available online: 25 Nov 2021

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DOI: 10.22161/ijfaf.5.6.2

Journal : International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)


Attention towards natural growth promoters in poultry has been on the increase in different parts of the world. However, most studies focus on broiler birds and quail. This study analyzed how cinnamon powder supplemented in the diet of Lohmann Brown layer birds can improve egg quality. This study consisted of 5 treatments of 30 birds per treatment, comprising fifteen replicates of 2 birds per replicates. The treatments included: T1: Control without Cinnamon; T2: 4 litres of water + 0.1g of cinnamon; T3: 4 litres of water + 0.2g of cinnamon; T4: 4 litres of water + 0.3g of cinnamon; T5: 4 litres of water + 0.4g of cinnamon. Parameters measured were egg weight, egg mass, egg breadth, egg length, albumen height, albumen weight, yolk height, yolk length, yolk colour, yolk weight, shell weight, and shell thickness. The results revealed an increase in the albumen weight, yolk weight, albumen height, and yolk height as the inclusion levels of cinnamon powder increase. In addition, the egg weight was highest in treatment 5. Taken together, cinnamon powder addition in the diet of Lohmann Brown layer birds has a positive outcome on egg quality.

Antibiotic growth promoters, Cinnamon, Egg quality, Layers, Poultry

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