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International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)

Analysis of Bird Habitat Suitability in Chongming Island Based on GIS and Fragstats

Jintao Huang , Ruei-Yuan Wang , Lingkang Chen

Article Info: Received: 09 Jun 2023; Received in revised form: 06 Jul 2023; Accepted: 15 Jul 2023; Available online: 25 Jul 2023

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DOI: 10.22161/ijfaf.7.4.1

Journal : International Journal Of Forest, Animal And Fisheries Research(IJFAF)


With the development of society, the degree of human exploitation of nature is becoming more profound, which makes the fragmentation of the global environment more serious, leading to the reduction of species' Lebensraum and having a huge negative impact on the survival and development of various species. In this paper, we select the Chongming Island area in Shanghai as the study area and use the landscape pattern analysis and suitability analysis methods to comprehensively analyze the characteristics of the habitat pattern in this area as well as the suitability impact on the local birds. The research results show that the fragmentation of local habitats has decreased, but the connectivity between patches is low, and the changes in bird populations are relatively stable, showing a stable and positive trend.

Suitability analysis; Migratory bird habitats; Landscape pattern; Biodiversity indicators; Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).

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