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International Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Computers(IJEEC)

Power Quality Improvement in 3-Φ Power System with Shunt Active filter using Synchronous Detection Method

Aditya Dadhich , Jai Sharma , Simran Kumawat , Ankush Tandon

International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computers (IJECC), Vol-6,Issue-3, May - June 2021, Pages 92-95, 10.22161/ijeec.63.12

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Article Info: Received: 11 Jun 2021; Accepted: 25 Jun 2021; Date of Publication: 30 Jun 2021


Research paper focuses on enhancement of the power quality, Harmonic reduction and Reactive power compensation . Power quality problems became the foremost important concern now a days. Active filters with synchronous detection methodologies are vividly employed in distribution system to be sure that the harmonics generated by non-linear loads is reduced and leads to less voltage distortion and leads to lesser power superiority problems. The three physical characteristics that mostly underline the power quality and a power quality issues are Voltage, Current and Frequency. Harmonics is defined as a disturbance demonstrated in current or voltage or frequency waveforms which result in devastation, or failure of final equipment ..This paper examines the control of Shunt Active Power Filter with Synchronous Detection Method . Simulation results using MATLAB SIMULINK demonstrates the application of these methods to the control of Active Power Filter . Moreover, this work shows that how the power quality improvement in 3 phase is done with Synchronous Detection Method .

Synchronous Detection, Active Power Filters, Nonlinear Load; Power Quality (PQ) , Simulink.

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