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International Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Computers(IJEEC)

Handover for 5G Networks using Fuzzy Logic: A Review

Kirandeep Kaur , Dr. Sonia Goyal , Dr. Amrit Kaur Bhullar

International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computers (IJECC), Vol-6,Issue-5, September - October 2021, Pages 25-33,

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The future organization world will be inserted with various ages of remote advances, like 4G and 5G. Simultaneously, the advancement of new gadgets outfitted with different interfaces is filling quickly as of late. As a result, the upward handover convention is created to give pervasive availability in the heterogeneous remote climate. Handover might be a fundamental a piece of any remote Mobile Communication Network. It is a way of mobile communication and portable communication during which cellular broadcast is relocate from one base station to another without losing connection to the mobile communication. Handover is one problem on Wireless Network (WN) and to unravel this problem various sorts of HO methods utilized in network. Fuzzy logic, Machine Learning and Optimization are the handover solving methods that are studied during this paper. This paper is a review of the handoff techniques. Fuzzy logic is that the best technique to unravel the HO problem and it's further implemented in 4G/5G network.

HetNets, self-optimization, handover, fuzzy logic, WSN, 4G and 5G.

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