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International Journal Of Electrical, Electronics And Computers(IJEEC)

Current Trend of Placement Activity Control System in the College

Srajan Garg , Sudhanshu Jain , Ritik Bansal , Seemant Ranjan , Sohan Lal Gupta

International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computers (IJECC), Vol-6,Issue-4, July - August 2021, Pages 5-9, 10.22161/ijeec.64.2

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Article Info: Received: 18 Jun 2021; Accepted: 30 Jun 2021; Date of Publication: 05 Jul 2021


This paper is about a technology that provides Placement Activity Control System in college unlike the traditional system where students as well as TPO may face many problems like insufficient details, less security, problems with manual working etc. The purpose of the Placement Activity Control System Website is to overcome the disadvantages of traditional placement system. It enables the end users to read and apply for the company of their choice and get frequent updates regarding the placements from college TPO. There is no chance of missing the placement opportunity updates. The college placement officers will not have to get the separately collect information of every student. It will automatically be updated when the student registers. The project is basically a website and application which can be easily accessed through mobile.

React, Control System, Firebase, React-Native, Task Scheduling, Job Posting, Authorization, File System, File updation and Security.

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