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International Journal Of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM)

Third Addenda to Criticism of the Current Science in the World

(Retracted Article)

Pejman Malekinejad

International Journal of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM), Vol-2,Issue-6, November - December 2018, Pages 80-82 , 10.22161/ijebm.2.6.2

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I have published 3 papers [1, 2, 3] in which I have mentioned some scientific problems of Iran. This article is as the another Addenda to those papers. As a result, it was concluded that Iran and I are nothing and will not become anything in the science. I.e. I am not intelligent, mastermind, intellect or genius at all. Finally, it was suggested that the only way for the scientific and economic advancement of Iran in all fields is to regard Iran as a state of United State of America country.

Science, Universities, Politics.

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