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International Journal Of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM)

FPGA Implementation of LDPC Encoder for Terrestrial Television

S. Akash , D.Maria Vinith , Dr.S.Ananiah Durai

International Journal of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM), Vol-1,Issue-1, May - June 2017, Pages 15-18 ,

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The increasing data rates in digital television networks increase the demands on data capacity of the current transmission channels. Through new standards, the capacity of existing channels is increased with new methods of error correction coding and modulation. In this work, Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes are implemented for their error correcting capability. LDPC is a linear error correcting code. These linear error correcting codes are used for transmitting a message over a noisy transmission channel. LDPC codes are finding increasing use in applications requiring reliable and highly efficient information transfer over noisy channels. These codes are capable of performing near to Shannon limit performance and have low decoding complexity. LDPC uses parity check matrix for its encoding and decoding purpose. The main advantage of the parity check matrix is that it helps in detecting and correcting errors which is a very important advantage against noisy channels. This work presents the design and implementation of a LDPC encoder for transmission of digital terrestrial television according to the Chinese DTMB standard. The system is written in Verilog and is implemented on FPGA. The whole work is then verified with the help of Matlab modelling.


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