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International Journal Of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM)

Comprehensive Evaluation Model for the Implementation Effect of China's Transmission and Distribution Tariff Reform

Peipei You , Chao Zhang , Huiru Zhao , Sen Guo , Wenquan Liu

International Journal of Engineering, Business And Management(IJEBM), Vol-3,Issue-3, May - June 2019, Pages 77-83 , 10.22161/ijebm.3.3.3

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Building the comprehensive evaluation model for the implementation effect of the transmission and distribution tariff reforms is crucial to the improvement of the transmission and distribution pricing mechanism, the smooth progress of the power marketization reform, and the sustainable development of the industry in China. An index system for evaluating the implementation effect of transmission and distribution tariff reform was built in four dimensions, which are economic efficiency, safety and reliability, energy saving and environment protection, satisfaction, and this index system contains 12 detailed indicators. For comprehensively evaluate the implementation effect of China's transmission and distribution tariff reform, a hybrid MCDM model which combines the Matter-Element Extension Model with the Best-Worst Method was proposed. The Best-Worst Method was used for criteria weight determination, and the Matter-Element Extension Model was employed to rank the comprehensive performance of implementation effect of the transmission and distribution tariff reforms in China. This paper can provide references for policy-makers to improve the transmission and distribution tariff reform policy.

transmission and distribution tariff reform, comprehensive evaluation model, the matter-element extension model, the best-worst method.

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