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International Journal Of Chemistry, Mathematics And Physics(IJCMP)

Kaprekar’s Constant 6174 for Four Digits Number Reality to Other Digits Number

Dr. Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee

International Journal of Chemistry, Mathematics And Physics(IJCMP), Vol-4,Issue-5, September - October 2020, Pages 92-94 , 10.22161/ijcmp.4.5.1

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Indian mathematician Kaprekar discovered a constant or dead end 6174 for four digits decimal number when the digits in the number are not repeated, ascending order digits number is subtracted from descending order digits number, and the result is further processed likewise till constant 6174 reached. In the same way, constant or dead end is discovered for two digits number as 9, three digits number as 495, ten digits number as 9753086421 and for binary number as 01or 1.

Kaprekar’s Constant 6174; Two digits number constant 9; Three digits number constant 495; Ten digits number constant 9753086421; Binary number constant 01or 1.

[1] Bowley, Roger. "6174 is Kaprekar's Constant". Numberphile. University of Nottingham: Brady Haran.