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International Journal Of Civil, Mechanical And Energy Science(IJCMES)

Production of Interlocking Tiles using Marble Slurry

Dr. Raj. P. Singh Kushwah , Jhinith rathore , Vijay Kumar Suthar , Dhwaj Rathore , Chirayu Roat , Manish Saini , Naval Kishore Gurjar

International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science (IJCMES), Vol-7,Issue-4, July - August 2021, Pages 5-8, 10.22161/ijcmes.74.2

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Article Info: Received: 01 Jul 2021; Received in revised form: 10 Jul 2021; Accepted: 20 Jul 2021; Available online: 22 Jul 2021


The waste of the marble industry is the cause of many environmental problems because 70% waste and the acquisition of only 30% of the main product contributing to the high non-corrosive spill. Dump sites give a dirty look. Contaminate the top fertile soil cover, and the rivers / bodies of water that touch it irrigation and drinking water and air resources and the loss of plants and animals. The most effective solution for utilization of marble slurry is to apply to Bulk. The only sector that saves eat marble slurry at such a high level only in the construction industry. Concrete is an important building material and is used in construction industry due to its high compression strength and durability. Now a different day concrete workshops were conducted with the intention of reducing costs and unavailability of common items. This paper scans the file for strong areas of various types of concrete used using marble dumps as replacement of good integration. The pieces of marble are finely ground into powder and gradation is compared to a good standard combination of Various marble slurry structures determined in the laboratory. Sp. gravity 2.61, Fineness modulus 0.91 and the use of The marble slurry in Cement Concrete instead of Sand is 30% showing the same strength as Control i,e. 1: 2: 4. Cement Concrete 0% Marble slurry. Marble slurry can be easily used in the construction industry in preparation Cement Concrete.

Cement Concrete, Fineness modulus, Marble slurry, Specific gravity, Interlocking Tiles.

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